Weather in Dubrovnik

Weather in Dubrovnik

Weather in Dubrovnik, Croatia

In Croatia dominates a large mixture of climates.
The climate in Croatia varies from Mediterranean along the Adriatic coast to a country climate in the inland country.
Wind ensures a cooling breeze in the summer at the coast.
The temperature fluctuates between ten (winter) and the twenty-six (summer) degrees Celsius.
The inland country has a climate with dry and hot summery and cold, wet winters.
The temperature fluctuates in January around the freezing-point, whereas it can become in august average 24 degrees Celsius.
In the mountains the temperature remains in January under the freezing-point, on average the temperature fluctuates between -5 and 0 degrees Celsius. Summer is pleasant fresh, in the winter months it can snow considerably.
During the month august the temperature increases in the higher areas up to approximately 18 degrees Celsius.
There is a lot of sunshine in Croatia.
The average sunshine is 2500 hours per year.

The climate along Dubrovnik Region is a typical Mediterranean one, with mild, rainy winters and hot and dry summers.
The air temperatures can slightly vary, depending on the area or region.
Summer temperatures in July rise till 34°C in the northern part, while in the southern part they usually rise to 38°C.
During winter the coldest temperatures are recorded in the northern Adriatic with temperatures dropping sometimes below zero, while the southern regions of the Adriatic coast generally remain above zero.

Air Temperature
average annual 16,4 °C (61,5 F)
average of coldest period (January) 9 °C (48,2 F)
average of warmest period (August) 24,9 °C (76,8 F)

Sea Temperature
average May – September 17,9 – 23,8 °C (64,2 – 74,8 F)

approximately 38 %

average annual 1020,8 mm
average annual rain days 109,2

average annual 2629 l
average daily hours: 7,2 h